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Get a head start on your future.

Jesse P.
YELL Alumni 2018

YELL is a one-of-a-kind program that will help you develop the entrepreneurial skills to take on life after graduation, no matter what career path you choose to take.


Not Your Traditional High School Course.

YELL brings supportive teachers, engaging entrepreneurs, community shapers and innovative companies together through unforgettable learning experiences that will inspire you and prepare you for the real world.


What? You get high school AND university credit?

YES! Take advantage of Canada’s first high school entrepreneurship program where you can receive credit towards high school graduation and be eligible for university credit through partnered post-secondary institutions.


Outside the box, literally!

YELL gets you to explore the world beyond your classroom and break out of your comfort zone through experiences like exciting group projects with peers from diverse backgrounds and touring local companies and attending inspiring events. We also encourage you to investigate global challenges through the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Now is the time to develop useful skills and find out what opportunities are out there! No one knows what the future holds but we know that it will take all kinds of leaders to make the world an amazing place to live in. Let’s find out who you are!


The world of business and entrepreneurship excites you and the possibility of a side hustle is no big deal! Learn to work effectively as a team, guided by a mentor who’s been there and done that, present like you would on Dragon’s Den and get ready to launch your own successful venture!

YELL Student Alumni: Is YELL for Me?
YELL Student Alumni: Is YELL for Me?


You’re an active member in your community and you want to make the world a better place. YELL integrates the UN Sustainable Development Goals into the course curriculum, encourages students to think about problems that are bigger than themselves and gives you the tools to become a confident and impactful changemaker.


Innovation is inevitable and the world of STEM excites you. From light bulbs to artificial intelligence, rocket launches to electric cars,  innovation isn’t easy and that’s where YELL comes in! We provide you with the skills, tools and resources to put you on the path towards the next big thing!

YELL Student Alumni: Is YELL for Me?
YELL Student Alumni: Is YELL for Me?


Anything is possible and you’re brimming with ideas but you haven’t landed on your path yet! Now is the time to develop all the skills and knowledge to make you the best version of yourself. We give you the space to explore a wide range of opportunities and turn your ideas and aspirations into reality.

Whatever your area of interest

the future of work will require the following skills:


Opportunity recognition and idea generation

Develop creative thinking and problem solving skills. What issues can you solve and what opportunities are there that you can take advantage of?


Empathetic communication and working effectively in a team

Utilizing the strengths of your team members, along with guidance from a mentor, you’ll work together to build a business venture.


Effective project management and ability to get things done!

Work effectively with your peers and check all the task boxes off so that you deliver projects on time!


Relationship building and networking

Practice networking skills and learn the importance of building relationships because these connections will help you succeed in the future.


Presentation skills and public speaking

Gain the confidence you need to stand up and speak up! You’ll practice public speaking skills as you work towards and ultimately, present at our Venture Challenge!


Don’t just take our word for it!

Your YELL journey doesn’t end when the program ends!

Join the YELL Ambassador program and show the world what the next generation is capable of while expanding your network and furthering your skills.

Become a “YELL Ambo” and…

  • Speak in classes, mentor students and attend events
  • Continue building meaningful relationships and even land a job through our network
  • Receive advice and guidance for your “side hustle”
  • Create original content and let us share your story

Think of it as a second family that will continue to support you and cheer you on as you move forward with your endeavors. And as a registered charity, we’re happy to verify any work for YELL Ambassadors who require volunteer hours.

Read what our YELL Alumni have to say: YELL Alumni Stories

Whatever you’re passionate about, our YELL Ambassador program is here for you!

Taryn W.
YELL Alumni 2019


Check out what YELL alumni have been up to!

Jesse P.
YELL Alumni 2018

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