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Programs that educate and inspire students.

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Tri-Cities 2019

We set out to create the course we wished we had when we were in high school and continue to develop programs so youth receive relevant educational experiences that evolve with the times.

YELL Entrepreneurship 12

Full year program designed for students in Grades 10-12

Students will receive a grade towards high school graduation and those in good standing will also be eligible to receive credit from partnered post-secondary institutions.


Accelerated Learning

The YELL Entrepreneurship 12 program begins with students learning all the core concepts of lean entrepreneurship. YELL teachers cover topics including: design thinking, resiliency training, marketing, financial projections, Business Model Canvas, and more! A diverse selection of inspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders visit classes throughout the semester to share stories and advice to our budding innovators.


Industry Exploration

Local companies and maker labs participate in our YELL program so students can experience the world beyond the classroom and explore different career options. They learn about new technologies, tour unique office spaces and hear from industry professionals.


Business Incubator

YELL students form groups, create a business venture together, identify and test assumptions, pivot businesses if necessary, and ultimately prove and validate their concept. Students learn to problem solve together and communicate effectively with their mentor who acts as their guide and a liaison between the team and the broader entrepreneurship community.


Venture Challenge

To wrap up the YELL program, classes across the province come together at our annual Venture Challenge. Student teams compete and present their business venture to a panel of judges made up of community members, entrepreneurs and investors. Think of the Venture Challenge as a Dragon’s Den type of experience!

Additional Programs

YELL has created a variety of introductory programs designed for all high school grades to give students a glimpse into the world of entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurial Thinking 1

This introductory two-week entrepreneurship program is designed for Grades 8-10. Teachers may choose to deliver to this program within Business 8, CLE 10 or similar courses. This program focuses on the 21st Century skills and tools to become a successful entrepreneur and student.


Entrepreneurial Thinking 2

This two week entrepreneurship program is designed for Grades 10-12. Teachers may choose to deliver this program within Entrepreneurship 10, CLE 10, Entrepreneurship 12 or similar courses. This course focuses on team-building skills and the knowledge required to start a sustainable business.


Don’t just take our word for it!

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