Building a Community of Creatives

“There is a community lacking for creatives in Vancouver” – Sam Park

Sam Park is a 19 year old and a rising digital marketer & entrepreneur in Vancouver, B.C. He is also one of our YELL alumni from West Vancouver (Rockridge Secondary)!

Pursing his passion for digital marketing, he decided to drop out of Western University to start his own digital shop Instinct Media. Having the opportunity to work with talented brands and individuals, Sam realized that there was a community missing in the creative space. That’s why he decided to co-create Creative in Residence, a series of events focusing on opening up the conversation between creatives from a diverse set of industries. Creative in Residence is currently partnered with Microsoft and just had their first pilot event on May 30th. Here’s a quick recap video.

With the first event being a huge success, we had some burning questions for Sam.

What does success of future events look like to you?

Sam says that success is when attendees feel like they’ve gotten value out of the conversations. This could include things like discovering another creative approach, making improvements to their own work/business, or just walk out feeling inspired by the keynotes. 

What is the biggest challenge so far? 

Sam says that the biggest challenge he faces is explaining to people what type of event this is. Rather than establishing your typical networking event, Sam wants to build a community where creatives can collaborate and feel like they are part of a supportive community. 

Next steps for Creative in Residence?

Sam says the next steps would be to bring the Creative in Residence community to other thriving cities (i.e. Toronto).